Lesbian & Gay Peace Officer’s Association

The Lesbian & Gay Peace Officer’s Association (LGPOA) is a non-profit organization which supports LGBT sworn, civilian, and retired members of the Austin Police Department. The LGPOA strives to build enduring relationships between the police department and Austin’s LGBT communities by championing equal and fair treatment for all. The LGPOA was founded in 2009 and became the first official LBGT police association within the state of Texas. The LGPOA is a resource for employees both within the Austin Police Department, to other agencies, as well as to the Austin community. 


President - Sgt. Michael Crumrine

Vice President - Ofc. Laura Correa

Secretary - Ofc. Greg Abbink

Treasurer - Ofc. Matt Nonweiler

Parliamentarian - Sgt. Eric Cleveland 

APA Board of Directors Representative - Sgt. Mike Crumrine