CLEAT provides legal representation, lobbying and legislative representation, local political action, collective bargaining and negotiations support and a range of related field services. With more than 24,000+ members across the state, CLEAT is the largest police officers’ union in Texas, the largest legal services provider in Texas specializing in representing law enforcement officers, and the largest alliance of local police officers’ associations in Texas. More importantly, CLEAT possesses the world-class experience, resources and the will to bring STRENGTH, JUSTICE and UNITY to everything from local contract negotiations to critical incidents. 

Charley Wilkison - Executive Director

Sgt. Todd Harrison, Austin Police Dept. - President

Ofc. Ervey Banda, San Antonio Police Dept. - Vice President

Ofc. Carolyn Gilmore, Fort Worth Police Dept. - Vice President

Scott Leeton, Corpus Christi Police Dept. - Vice President

Sgt. George Aranda, Dallas NLLEO/CLEAT - Regional Director

Dep. Francene Blunt, Harris County Sheriff’s Officers Association - Regional Director

Ofc. Lloyd Cook, Fort Worth Police Officers Association - Regional Director

Det. Michael Helle, San Antonio Police Officers Association - Regional Director

Sgt. Ron Martin, El Paso Municipal Officers Association - Regional Director

Lt. Jeremy Payne, Deputy Sheriff’s Association of Bexar County - Regional Director

Ofc. Thomas Villarreal, Austin Police Association - Regional Director

JP Mason, Arlington Police Dept. - Region 1 Director

Lt. Kirk Massey, Brownsville Police Dept. - Region 2 Director

Greg Shipley, Corpus Christi Police Dept. - Region 3 Director

Lt. Marvin Ryals, El Paso County SO - Region 4 Director

Sgt. Norm Fisher, Amarillo Police Dept. - Region 5 Director

Sgt. Forrest Gandy, La Marque Police Dept. - Region 6 Director

Ofc. Ed Martin, Vidor Police Dept. - Region 7 Director

Det. Ken Reeves, Waco Police Dept. - Region 8 Director

Ofc. Brady Sipes, Mesquite Police Dept. - Region 9 Director